How To Schedule Instagram Posts

How To Schedule Instagram Posts?

How do you schedule Instagram posts? – This is a common question because Instagram does not have such a tool but people are doing it.

This article will show you how you can schedule Instagram posts for FREE for one account, or for a small fee for several accounts.


Why You Should Schedule Instagram Posts?

1. Allows you to save a lot of time 🕒

For everyone, time is very important, the faster we do our work, the more time we will have for our remaining tasks. Using these tools, we can spend 1 hour per month to schedule content for the entire month!

2. It’s comfortable

Let’s say you post 2 posts a day at different times. If you want to post exactly to the minute you have to wait with the watch in hand. By using the Instagram scheduler you can log in Instagram once a day, no matter what time, your posts will be published anyway.

3. Content managment 📱

Organizing content on Instagram can be a big task, especially if you manage multiple accounts. Schedule your posts to help manage the content you publish.

This prevents any post in a hurry or at the last minute, which will improve the overall quality of the outgoing content.

4. Helps to manage several accounts

Having more than one Instagram account has become a common trend. Some people can manage dozens of accounts! Such tools give them such an opportunity and an advantage over others.


Which Scheduler Tool Do I Use?

In recent months I have used a tool called Lately Social – the site is easy to use and provides the ability to quickly schedule your posts. You are also able to  manage your others social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube on this platform.

Before I go to the guide, I would like to show you the price list. The site also has a free plan covering 1 account and if you decide to make a paid plan you will receive a 3-day free trial. If you don’t like the tool, you can request a refund within 7 days of purchase.

The plan which I am currently using is Enterprise Plan.



How To Use Lately Social?

Before you register an account, it is important that you set your time zone correctly, because the scheduled posting time will be adapted to your time zone.

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