Lately Social – Social Media (Instagram) Scheduler Review

“Lately Social” Tool – Instagram Post/Video Scheduling

It’s no doubt that companies have taken over social medical platforms to promote their brands. According to many surveys, Instagram stands out to be the next frontier when it comes to social marketing activities. This has been aided by the invention of scheduling applications that ease the process and make it engaging. With the demand for more Instagram scheduling solutions, you would come across a wide range of applications designed for this purpose.

What is Instagram Scheduling?

Have you ever considered reducing the amount of time you spend online position content on Instagram? Well, it is time to consider using an application that is able to automatically post your content whether videos or photos at the right time. A scheduler is basically an application that aids in planning how your posts will appear on your Instagram account. They play a major role in Instagram marketing by ensuring that there is something every time for your audience. To perfect this you would have to choose between a wide range of schedulers available in the market depending on your specific needs.

Why You Should Consider Instagram Schedulers

You would save a sufficient amount of time posting on your Instagram page with the use of a scheduler. This application allows you to auto-publish your content at the right time.

You would achieve a great level of uniformity for your content if you opt for using scheduling tools. Setting the right standards for your photos and videos will provide the consistency required to keep your audience interested in your content. With these applications, you can set uniform filters for all your content which enhances your uniqueness.

The frequency of posting is enhanced with the use of schedulers. This is crucial for promoting the level of engagement you are going to have with your target audience. Since it is an automated tool, there are no delays with posting content that improves your social media presence.

These automated publishing tools ease the efforts you need to avail your content on the platform. You can concentrate efforts on other things as you let scheduling tools do the publication task.

You need sufficient time to design your news feed to make it effective in attracting new followers which can be achieved with a scheduler. With the right scheduler, you would have the time to design your content well prior to posting.

Many scheduling applications enhance the analysis of your Instagram activities which is crucial to determine its effectiveness. Having the right data about your Instagram performance would enable you to develop content that is more people-oriented and hence good return on investment.

What to Look for in an Instagram Scheduler

It is important to note that there are many Instagram schedulers you can choose for your needs. However, the experience they provide is not the same and hence the need to ensure that you pick the ideal one for your needs.

  • Features

This is a crucial aspect you need to know about the scheduling tool you pick for your Instagram needs. These tools are designed to fit different needs depending on the associated features.

  • Pricing Plan

You would want to know the investment requirement which you should put in place to utilize the scheduling application. This depends on your budget but it is important to ensure that you get good returns on your investment. There are free options as well as premium plans for most scheduling tools which you can examine to ensure that you make the right choice.

  • Flexibility

You need to know how effective the scheduling tool is when applied in different ways. It is crucial to examine the application of the tool for a wide range of needs. You would have to examine how you can access the platform. Some are web-based while others provide an extensive spectrum of accessibility options such as Android Mac, Windows, and iOS which you need to examine.

Top 9 Instagram Scheduling Applications Reviews

Lately Social

Lately Social Instagram Scheduler is the best scheduler in my opinion. I managed to grow my IG account in the cat niche to over 100k followers in 1 year, and I was using the Lately Social tool.

Pricing Plan

There are 6 pricing plans (Including Free Plan) – The price range of paid plans starts at $9 (Personal Plan) per month to $149 (VIP Plan) per month. There is something for everyone in the price range.


  • Quick Post Scheduling
  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Has a free Trial
  • Content Research
  • Detailed Insights

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Combin Scheduler

This scheduler ranks best among others found in the market which can be accessed through Windows, Ubuntu, and Mac. It would be suitable for both individual accounts and for small and mid-sized enterprises.

Pricing Plan

With this scheduler comes a free plan which you can try as you scale your business. With the free plan, you get access to one Instagram account, three Instagram posts, and 15 stories per week. You should consider this option if it suits your business needs.

With the premium plan, however, you will enjoy unlimited stories, posts and location tagging, and other key features. It is quite an affordable option with a monthly flat rate of $10.00.


Combin allows you to attract new followers and an easy way to publish your content with the use of UI and drive traffic provided by Instagram.

Semrush Instagram Scheduler

If you are a start-up whether in freelancing, any form of business big or small this is the tool for you to enhance your Instagram performance. This platform is web-based and thus you would have to access it through such options.


  • Help with planning and scheduling your posts across five major social media platforms; LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Comes with a social performance analyzer for your activities.
  • You can save your posts for future use with its draft feature.
  • Dedicated functions for auto-posting, analysis, and tracking within the five major visual channels.


This application would be vital when it comes to uncovering your competitors social media marketing strategies. Enables you to stay ahead of the rest with timely scheduling of content within the major social platforms.

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Later Instagram Scheduler

This tool would be ideal for use in small to large enterprises as well as for individuals. Flexible access is what you get with this application as it is available on desktop, Android, iOS, mobile, and web-based platforms.


You are going to get a forever free plan if you are using an individual account. Otherwise, you can choose from four pricing options. Plus going for $9/month, premium for $19/month, starter at $29/month, and brand for $49/month.


If you are seeking an application that will enable you to effectively plan your visuals, organize posts and preview your hashtag suggestions then later is ideal for you.

You also get a visual calendar from the tool to provide monitoring solutions.

Comes with Instagram analysis and hashtag features to help you know about engagement rates as well ideal time to publish content.


You can utilize the features provided by later for your social media marketing for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Buffer Instagram Scheduler

This is a social media management tool that is available for individual and small to large enterprises.


You would get a free trial which depends on the type of plan you get. A choice of three plans is available which includes pro at #15/month, premium option going for$65/month, and business for $99/month.

However, you can get reply offer packages for pro at $15/month and business going for$35/month. An analyze offer plan has pro for $35/month and premium of $50/month.


  • Enables you to organize your social marketing activities across the different functions.
  • Enable easy content crafting such as drafting posts and coordination among team members.
  • Help to adequately plan ahead of your publishing for continuity and interaction with the audience.
  • Coordinating those involved with marketing activities is made easy with this platform.


  • A great tool for planning and publishing across different social platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to aid driving traffic and sales.

Hootsuite Instagram Scheduler

If you are a freelancer or in a small to large business this platform is ideal for you. You can access it from Android, iOS, windows, and mobile which makes it flexible.


You get a free 30-day trial if you get the professional and team plans while an enterprise plan is available on request. Professional goes for $29/month, team will cost you $129/month and the business plan costs $599/month.


  • This application provides solutions for bulk scheduling which incorporate uploading, editing, and social media posts in CSV format.
  • Provides an interactive media planner which ensures you can view scheduled posts streamline operations and team interaction in real-time.
  • Content curation solutions such as a content library, and creation of streams by location hashtag are available in this application.


Allows interaction with over 35 social media networks and enables you to export report data in various forms such as CSV format, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF.

Sensible Instagram Scheduler

For those in freelancing as well as small and large enterprises here is an ideal scheduling tool for your Instagram traffic and influence.


This application provides a 30 free day trial for all their plans. You can opt for any of the other paid plans based on your budget. Starter package will cost you $29/month, traction plan for $99/month and large going for $299/month.


  • Custom reporting solutions that offer insight for engaging content and web traffic.
  • Enables you to send automatic reports to stakeholders for efficiency purposes.
  • Personal dashboard which enables you to organize your work.
  • Ability to view what is in your draft and pending posts.
  • Provides services to preview prior publications for analysis purposes.


Helps you to optimize images and oversee your posts in an easy outline from the same platform.

Tailwind Instagram Scheduler

This is another major application for your social marketing available for Windows, Mac, and iOS. It is suitable for freelancers, small to large enterprises.


You can get to taste it’s features with the free trial or you may choose the $9.99 flat rate per month for any account.


  • With this scheduler you get hashtag suggestion features which help you to pick the right option to use for your posts.
  • You can schedule your posts for up to one week ahead with the application.
  • Enables you to monitor trends for better decisions in future using the advanced analytics and reporting features. This will help you choose specific time ideal to publish particular posts.


You get access to smart scheduling features which aid in ensuring effective impact for every post you publish.

Sked Social Instagram Scheduling Application

An ideal tool for small and large business enterprises which can be accessed through Mac, PC, Android and iOS system versions.


You would have an opportunity to taste the features with the 7-day free trial before you purchase any of the available packages. Fundamental plan is charged at $25/month, essential goes for $75/month, a professional plan will cost you $135/month while an enterprise package is charged at $260/month.


  • Advanced Instagram analytics to keep you posted on your activities.
  • Visual Instagram planner is available for this tool for your video scheduling needs.
  • Easy drag and drop feature for your videos which makes scheduling a simple task.
  • Mobile option which is compatible with both iOS and Android systems for great flexibility in use.


With this application, you are going to get a tool that supports major social platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This will enhance a multi-social media marketing approach to position your business.

Onlypult Instagram Scheduling Application

For your freelancing or small and large business entities, this would be a vital tool for your scheduling needs.


Prior to picking a package, you would have a 7-day free trial in case you want to taste its performance in your business. Price plans include; start at $10.6/month, SMM for $17.5/month, Agency $34.3/month and pro for $55.3/month.


  • Ideal tool for posting on social media platforms, messengers, and blogs.
  • Photo and video uploader available for all packages.
  • Teamwork enables features for great collaboration among team members.
  • Ability to manage various accounts from a single window.
  • Multi platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn among others for efficiency purposes.


An ideal management social media marketing application that will let you perform a wide range of functions. Enables multiple and large team operations which is crucial for designing great content for publishing.

In conclusion

You can not dismiss the value of social marketing in today’s business environment. Proper Instagram scheduling will ensure that you leverage the rich potential provided by this social media platform. You would have to choose the right Scheduler which would work well for your business content publishing needs.

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